Bookmarking your vBulletin forum on social bookmarking sites will help to spread the content of your forum.  You can get traffic from visitors who are interested in your forum via the social bookmSEOvB vBulletin Social Bookmarking Servicearks.  Search engine ranking can also be improved with the relevant backlinks.

The process to search, register, post, and wait for approval on different social bookmarking sites could be time-consuming and not part of your core business model of building a forum community.  We have established a dedicated team that will submit your forum to various sites like Digg, Delicious, etc.  We aim to provide this service to boost your forum’s social presentation and search engine optimization, while keeping you focused on your forum community.

Once the purchase order is received our associates will work with you to identify the proper keywords of your forum or any particular threads/articles/blogs that you want to target.  We will then work on submitting to the various social bookmarking sites.

30 Bookmarking complete in 7 days
Price: $21
50 Bookmarking complete in 10 days
Price: $36
100 Bookmarking complete in 10 days
Price: $60
250 Bookmarking complete in 14 days
Price: $135
600 Bookmarking complete in 14 days
Price: $270

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