Even with the latest vBulletin SEO features (version 4.x or later), it is not enough to just install your forum, leave it running, and hope for the best.  There are many things that vB forum owners have to twist and tune in order to optimize for Search Engine (SE) indexing.

vBulletin Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing topic that updates with the major search engine changes. Unless you can stay up to date with these changes in the search engine optimization world your vBulletin SEO may fall behind your competition.

This service is only for Onsite SEO, please reference our Offsite SEO service to further enhance your forum’s SEO.

Onsite SEO focuses on anything that is “on the site”.  It includes “anything” that the forum owner can control and change.  The aspect of “things” is not just for the technical components but also include SEO planning and strategy, and various tool sets to help to ensure the overall site is ready and well position for SE indexing.

Our Onsite vBulletin SEO Service Includes:

  • Keyword research and recommendation to ensure site owner is targeting the proper and reasonable keywords
  • Study and analyze the site’s structure and content level to ensure the site is “most” optimized for search engines to index
  • Setup certain basic things of which typical site owners are not aware:
    • Custom-tailored robots.txt file!
    • Setup and configure Google and Bing webmaster accounts
    • Setup and configure Google Analytics to track progress
    • Sitemap auto submission
    • Check broken & duplicated links
    • Check duplicated content and URL structure
    • .htaccess work to restrict duplicate content!
  • Optimize vBulletin’s settings for SEO
  • For site that has vBSEO, tuning and making the most use of its features and functions will be included
  • Optimization of showthread template
  • Optimization of showpost template
  • Optimization of forumhome
  • Optimization of forumdisplay templates
  • Modified tags to increase page relevancy!

Purchase the Onsite vBulletin SEO Service Now for $95

NOTE: This Onsite vB SEO Service is included in our Monthly SEO Service.

This is not a software solution! This is a 100% white hat approved, hand-edited method for increasing your sites rankings, traffic and revenue!  You can read the difference between using a human SEO solution over a prepackage software solution in our [SEO Article Here].

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*Disclaimer about SEO Services: SEO is not an exact science to anyone or any company. SEO is an ever-changing subject that needs to be handled with care and professionalism every step of the way. No matter who you decide to take charge in your SEO campaign, make sure they follow strict white hat SEO compliance and are building relevant back links for your site. Don’t accept any service that promises the number one position in any search engine, or those who promise that you’ll become a millionaire overnight with your increased earnings, SEO is a long and slow process that is carried out over the life of your site. Our SEO Services are 100% white hat approved by Google, Yahoo and Bing crawlers, however we cannot guarantee any certain spot in the search engines. We have however a proven track record of increasing traffic from the search engines to your site via targeted keywords, and we can promise you a search traffic increase within 3 months of using our service.