A successful SEO campaign is like farming.  The fruit will not appear in any short period of time.  Hard work and continuous effort is required to make the SEO campaign successful.

In the SEO world, there are three important aspects:  Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, and Content.  

Proper Onsite SEO work prepares your site for the best search engine indexing opportunity and allows you to focus on delivering great content.  Content, in the world of forum community, consists of posts, threads, articles, blogs or any information that you produce.  In some forum communities, pictures and videos will also be the content.  “Content is the King” in the world of SEO.  Without unique, frequent and useful content, no SEO campaign will work–no matter how well the Onsite SEO work was carried out.  Luckily, content creation in a forum site is easier to achieve as we have many members to help us to produce content together.

Once Onsite SEO and Content creation are properly taken care of, the next important process in SEO is Offsite SEO.

Search Engines weigh how popular your site is in the eyes of other relevant and similar sites.  The more relevant sites reference (link back) your site, the better your forum’s reputation.  When all things are equal in Onsite SEO and Content level, Offsite SEO will be the game changer in terms of how Search Engines rank your site.  Offsite SEO, however, is the most time-consuming and longest process to carry out.  Depending on the nature of the forum, Offsite SEO could be a requirement to carry out month after month just to retain certain keyword position on the search engines.  Depending on your budget, this part of the work could be carried out by you and your team.  Or you could let us handle this part of the work and let your team take care of the core business that you know best: Content.

We offer the following Offsite SEO service packages:

For more effective SEO results, we recommend to use our Monthly SEO Service, where we custom build a solution for your unique situation.

*Disclaimer about SEO Services: SEO is not an exact science to anyone or any company. SEO is an ever-changing subject that needs to be handled with care and professionalism every step of the way. No matter who you decide to take charge in your SEO campaign, make sure they follow strict white hat SEO compliance and are building relevant back links for your site. Don’t accept any service that promises the number one position in any search engine, or those who promise that you’ll become a millionaire overnight with your increased earnings.  SEO is a long and slow process that is carried out over the life of your site. Our SEO Services are 100% white hat approved by Google, Yahoo and Bing crawlers, however we cannot guarantee any certain spot in the search engines. We have, however, a proven track record of increasing traffic from the search engines to your site via targeted keywords, and we can promise you a search traffic increase within 3 months of using our service.