SEO vBulletin Forum Posting ServiceWhenever you start a new forum community or when you need to restart or boost your forum, you need to have lots of content and good posts to attract members to post and visitors to join the forum community.  The process of generating the necessary amount of activity and content could take weeks, months or even years to achieve.  If you already have a solid community base then you’re in luck.  If you don’t, then it could take lots of advertising budget to attract visitors to join.  However, without great content and regular, relevant and good posts, a forum is nothing but an empty site.  The traffic that you spent revenue to generate will yield no return in the forum business because there is nothing to entice visitor to spend their time to register, post and come back for more.

Yes, there are many forum-posting services out there, but you get what you paid for.  You could merely be getting some “activities.”  Those forum posts or activities could be a few words of “Hello there.  Welcome to our forum” or some non-English speaking posters who will do nothing but damage your forum.

Our forum posting service is unique and designed specially to help boost your forum’s activity level AND SEO.  We will spend time to study your forum, discuss with you what kind of keywords you want to target and what your target audience is.  Our forum posting team will conduct further research to come up with relevant, grammar clean posts for your forum, including reply posts and CMS/Blog comments.  Our postings will include the right amount of keywords and content that will help you to position your forum for better search engine indexing opportunity.

Once the purchase order is received our associates will work with you to identify the proper keywords of your forum and start the research and posting service.

20 New Threads
80 Replies
2 New Members
complete in 30 days
Price: $150
60 New Threads
120 Replies
4 New Members
complete in 30 days
Price: $180
100 New Threads
150 Replies
6 New Members
complete in 30 days
Price: $260
150 New Threads
300 Replies
8 New Members

complete in 30 days
Price: $450
200 New Threads
400 Replies
10 New Members

complete in 30 days
Price: $600