Did you know that once you modify your template, or install a modification, you can no longer receive support from vBulletin without jumping through numerous hoops? The good news is we’re here for your vBulletin Support Services needs. Our monthly vBulletin services are now available to provide you the time and freedom to focus on more important aspects of managing your online community. These professional vBulletin monthly services handle all the technical aspects of your forum. We provide you with a highly-qualified vBulletin support team for your modified forums. We offer you access to a professional support desk via email tickets that are answered within 12 hours. Problems are usually solved within 24 hours although many times we have them answered and the problem solved within 6 hours.

Our Professional vBulletin (vB) Monthly Service entitles you to:

  • Upgrades performed to your forums as they are released—normally a $50 per release charge! (Exclude upgrade from 3.x to 4.x)
  • vB Styles are always up to date.
  • vB Modifications installed and up to date.
  • Optimized vBulletin settings and options.
  • Cost efficient solution to vB upgrades, and modification installs.
  • Preventative maintenance on your forums to stop problems before they occur.
  • One vBulletin forum per subscription.
  • 5 Critical Support Tickets That Get The Highest Priority Over Other Tickets!

Monthly Services for Lite Forum – $30 / month

This package targets the vBulletin forums that meet the following criteria

  • Use of the default vBulletin theme or theme provided by reputable companies that keep the version updated
  • Less than 10 mods installed
  • No or little custom coding

Monthly Services for Heavy Forum – $55 / month

For the forum that does not fit the Lite Forum criteria we do have another plan for you!  For forums that are more complex, we will perform the upgrade in the following process:

  1. Setup a secured and password-protected development site
  2. Perform a mock upgrade in the secured site as described in #1
  3. Iron out any issues and determine the time that is need to perform the actual upgrade
  4. Schedule the date and time for the live upgrade

Take advantage of this package to save some costs and use the budget on growing your community instead.  Best of all you’re free to cancel this at any time for no additional charge!

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