vB ServicesOur professional vBulletin Installation Service is available to licensed vBulletin owners at a savings of over 75% from purchasing directly from vBulletin. They charge $150 for the same exact professional vBulletin installation service we are offering you here for a one-time fee of $35 per forum!

The installation service takes care of one license of vBulletin, installed on one domain and includes the setup of a free test site for you to practice on! vBulletin doesn’t even include this service and we are doing it for free! This service does not include PHP/MySQL/Apache installation, make sure your hosting environment meets the requirements of vBulletin (Currently PHP 5.2.0 and MySQL 4.1.0, we recommend PHP 5.25 or later and MySQL 5.0.51 or later). See the list of vBulletin Approved Web hosting.

After successfully supplying all requested information, installations begin within 12 hours or your money back!

Special This Week: Order one vBulletin Installation Service and get free updates applied for 30 days! Protect your investment!

Before Your Order vBulletin Installation Service Checklist: (you must have purchased these!)

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We don’t support, condone, or service warez installations!

For 12 hour install guarantee all login information must be correct and supplied when submitted support ticket!