Human Spam Monitoring and Moderation for vBulletionWe all hate spam!  There are Akismet, CAPTCHA, image verification, question and answer, and mods to prevent spam.  But are they truly effective?  Spammers are not just bots, they are human, and the only way to effectively fight a human spammer is by applying human intelligence.

Has your forum been hit by thousands of spam registrations a day?  Are they all from different IPs?  Has your forum been hit by hundreds of spam posts daily, while the moderation queue was so full that it takes minutes to open (if it opens at all)?

If you face this situation, please consider our Forum Spam Monitoring and Moderation service!  We have served Fortune 500 and various large companies’ forums.  The results are close to a 99% spam-free environment.

Once the purchase order is received our associates will work with you to setup the process and reporting structure.

Price $270 / month (No Contract)

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