13 March 2008
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vBulletin Approved and vBulletin Safe Hosting

Hosting a vBulletin forum can be a challenging experience. Finding the right vBulletin safe and approved hosting can prove to be an even bigger challenge but luckily you have our expertise to guide you along the way. We’ve used a wide array of vBulletin hosting in the past, and working on clients site’s we’ve been able to gather information about even more and bring you the best vBulletin approved hosting we’ve found to date.

1. SEOvB.com’s Professional vBulletin Hosting – We provide the vBulletin hosting plans that are specifically designed for hosting vBulletin forum community.  The plans were created based on our experience working with hundreds of the vBulletin clients.  The hosting plans are grouped by the volume of postings, members and active users.

2. InMotion Web Hosting – InMotion provides its customers with more than enough data storage and transfer to handle their forums, as well as plenty of CPU usage to host your site until you’re getting about 35-40 concurrent connections. Business class hosting starts at $6.95 per month. We do not suggest using personal hosting for vBulletin!

3. HostGator – We’re generally leary of hosting companies that claim to give unlimted space or data, however Host Gator is able to provide the CPU resources needed to run small to medium sized vBulletin forums with no problems. Expect to have to upgrade when you start to get 25 concurrent connections. Plans start at $7.95 monthly

4. BlueHost – Provides reasonable amounts of disk and transfer space for vBulletin users with a little extra in there in case you would need it. Blue Host does charge a setup fee for accounts that don’t prepay for 6 months though, we feel thats a bit odd in today’s world, however it ensures server integrity and spam free space for everyone. Plans start at $9.95 + Setup fee, or $7.95 with no setup fee if you prepay for 12 months.

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  1. mp3dude says:

    whats that mean with 25 concurrent connectios ? of hostgator o inmotion ?

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