Instantly monetize your community by setting a posting fee.

PayPerPost allows you to charge your users for posting in certain areas of your forum. With built-in Paypal integration, you can accept any major credit or debit card. Take charge of your earnings by setting your own price, and kick back as Paypal handles transactions and automatically approves posts for you. Earn passive income without lifting a finger!

There are two main versions of PayPerPost: the lite version and the pro version. With the light version, you can enable PayPerPost in one forum section, choose from a limited number of price options, and have a link to this page displayed on paid posts. If you just need basic functionality, or just want to test the waters when it comes to monetizing your forum, this version should suit your needs.

The pro version of PayPerPost gives you much more control: you can enable the system in multiple forum sections, setting different prices for each section; offer your users premium post features, like highlighted post titles and custom post icons, for an extra fee; and offer your users the opportunity to purchase credits toward paid posts, using a built-in credit system.

With PayPerPost, you can quickly and easily set up a classifieds section, a paid help desk, or an exclusive messageboard. The possibilities are endless!

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Feature List:

1) Easy installation & setup – Start making money in under 10 minutes

2) Paypal integration – Accept any major credit or debit card via Paypal

3) Smooth transaction process – Easy for your users

4) Automatic post approval – No moderating necessary

5) Detailed payment logs – Keep track of your earnings

6) Customizable message – Cater to your community

7) Customize usergroup settings – Exempt any usergroups from payment

8) Set your own price – Take charge of your earnings *lite version must choose from a set list of prices

9) Customize forum settings – Make any section of your forum pay-per-post *lite version can choose 1 forum section

10) Built-In Credit System – Offer bulk discounts to your users *not in lite version

11) Premium Highlight Feature – More options for your users, more income for you *not in lite version

12) Premium Custom Icon Feature – More options for your users, more income for you *not in lite version

13) Premium Top Of The List Feature – More options for your users, more income for you *not in lite version

*lite version links to this page

Price for PayPerPost Pro Version with support and upgrade:

3 Months: $69.95
1 Years: $99.95
Lifetime: $199.95

Pay Per Post Screenshot: