A Better Way to Convert Visitors to Members  **Now Supporting vB 4.x**

This modification is fully compatible with vBulletin versions from 3.5 to the latest vBulletin 4.0. You must have vBulletin installed to use this modification.  It is not for other sites or forum software!

If you have a problem converting guests into members, we have an exciting product to tell you about. The standard vBulletin error pages guests are constantly seeing on your site make it unattractive and are not user-friendly. Those very same pages guests are getting to, are the very same ones driving your potential members away.  They are ugly, uninformative and worst of all, the guest can’t register directly from there to join your site!

Have that problem solved for $15 and about 2 minutes of spare time. The vBulletin Guest  Redirection System Deluxe solves the problem with members leaving and converts them into productive community members that help take your forum from slow and empty to full of users and activity! You can’t have activity without members so when you combine the awesome power of vBulletin with the converting actions of Guest Redirection System Deluxe you’re essentially guaranteeing your forum success! Use what the guests already do, and convert their actions directly into members!

Whenever you have a section of your vBulletin forum restricted from guest viewing, and a guest tries to access it, they are met with an ugly login screen that doesn’t tell them anything. It simply says login, and only has one register link at the very bottom. That is not even the worst part about it! When you try to edit one error template, you are actually editing 2 or 3 different error templates at once. Whenever a registered member performs an action, it could potentially give them incorrect errors and leave your members in a state of panic!

The Guest Redirection System Deluxe for vBulletin currently supports:

  • All versions of vBulletin greater than 3.5 including the newly released vBulletin 4.0
  • Increasing your member conversion by displaying an easily-edited welcome message to the guest
  • A fast registration form directly on the page! The soon-to-be member doesn’t have to leave the page, or try to find a register link.
  • Supports birthdays, custom profile fields and all forms of human verification.
  • Almost completely stops spammers due to the custom registration form! They aren’t adapted to the anti-spam measures!
  • 100% White hat search engine friendly! Create keyword rich text and improve your rankings!
  • 100% powered by vBulletin. It inherits vBulletin style so you don’t have to edit anything!
  • Easily configurable via the AdminCP.
  • Enable or disable modules directly on the pages.
  • Fully-phrased and easily-editable via AdminCP.
  • A login box for any current members to login directly to your forum and continue to where they came from!
  • You can redirect new members directly to the welcome forum! Beta (Cannot be used with email verification yet)
  • Creates a Welcome notice for all new members! Beta (removed due to incompatibilty with versions prior to 3.7)
  • Purchase of the Deluxe system is branding free! No outgoing links or copyright notice!

One vBulletin Guest Redirection System Deluxe owner reported an increase of over 400% on his forums in just one month after installing our system.**
Another owner reported gains of almost 250% in a 3 week span over December for new member registrations.

Before Applying Guest Redirection Pro After Installing Guest Redirection Pro
Before applying Guest Redirection Pro After applying Guest Redirection Pro

If you don’t have this system installed on your vBulletin forums you’re clearly missing out on more members. Every forum needs more members, as more members equals more activity and the user-generated content is what drives your site! Don’t miss out on another member conversion due to a poorly-coded section of vBulletin.  Start your dominance of your niche today!

Purchase the Guest Redirection System Deluxe  for only $15.00

Still not sold? Try the free version with limited options and usage.
[Download Free Version for 3.x] [Download Free Version for 4.x]

Latest Sites Using Our Guest Redirection System Deluxe:

As you can see our system is used on a wide variety of sites, most of which aren’t listed here at this time! These are the latest purchasers of our system and we’ll update it constantly as we sell more so don’t let your competition get the jump start to more members.  Act today!

*Please note there is a short manual verification period for all payments. Your download will be available in your client area within 6 hours!
** Results not typical-average increase in registrations is 50 to 75% over the course of one month.