A few recent testimonial from our clients.

The support team at SEOvB is highly responsive, polite, and willing to educate the customer on the best course of action. This company really gets it, both the technology and a customer centric approach and I have no hesitation recommending it.

Gopal Mishra

We will be forever grateful. If I ever need anymore help, and most likely I will, you will be the people I contact. You have made a lot of people very happy.

Jayme Michaels

Thanks VERY much. I just checked briefly and so far everything looks good. You have no idea how much this means to many people. Thank you Sir! Looking forward to a long partnership with SEOvB.

Henning van Rensburg

I have used the services of SEOvb.com on numerous occasions. Their representatives are very knowledgeable, always friendly, and professional. The updates on my forum have always been done in a timely fashion. During this process the SEOvb.com staff keeps me informed about the status. As of today I am 100% satisfied with the services received and would recommend SEOvb.com to anyone.

Ernest Schoenefeldt

Thanks for the hard work on helping with the custom mod for our forum, very happy with the end result and very happy with the price!


Other than the fact that this job took a bit longer than I expected, SEOvB’ group was extraordinarily professional, attentive and capable. Would definitely use them again.

Richard Lucibella

Our project was done well and they provided good support throughout the contract. I would definitely consider working with them on future projects.

Kalpesh Rathod

Jarvis and his team were a delight to work with. The team completed all the items we requested and then some. We very much appreciate their efforts and our forum is in much better shape because of their work.

Blaine Yamakawa

wonderful team to work with, would highly recommend!

Anna Gym

I would like to thank Jarvis and his team. They were very professional and meet all of my requests and needs. I would definitely rehire Jarvis as he provided superb service.

Jason Lafortune

This was a very challenging project, and I think it may have been underestimated initially. It took much longer than the original agreed upon completion date, but that said, Jarvis and his team did honor the contract and completed the work satisfactorily, and for the agreed upon amount.

I would use them again, but will spend more time defining the details of the project at the outset to avoid miscommunication.

update: SEOvB ended up providing additional support for a few remaining items after the project had completed for no extra charge. They do provide an excellent service for any vbulletin owner who requires customizations to their forum

Steve Wright

Although the job took considerably long than expected, this contractor was patient and willing to make changes when asked. We were able to end the contract on a very positive note.

Chris Conor

I had the vBulletin team working to resolve this problem, but they were unable to. It seems that your developer DID fix the problem, though, and I’m amazed. This morning, I had to lock all of the forums in the archive to prevent people from using that site (a good thing, and I was happy to see the database NOT throwing errors like previously). A big thank you to the developer(s) who moved the archive.

Stephanie Slone

The team have done such a great job and we were very pleased to see that you could give us the redirect from the old domain to the new that’s very helpful of you thank you.


It’s really great to hear you’ve finished installing the mods, we now have the forum upgraded to v.4.2.0 too so we’re very happy with the work you and your team have carried out for us on our forum.