vBulletin Theme Design and Programming Training

Duration: 3 hours
Format: Web-based with a live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $250 / person

  • Design Tips and Tricks

    Learn some design fundamentals and how they apply to creating a vBulletin theme.

  • Designing a Theme in Photoshop

    Learn how to lay out a vBulletin theme design in photoshop.

  • vBulletin Templates

    Learn how the vBulletin templating system outputs HTML and CSS, as well as some basic template syntax.

  • Style Variables

    Learn how to control many aspects of a vBulletin theme without having to touch a single line of HTML.

  • Building a Theme in vBulletin

    Learn where to put your theme resources and which templates and style variables to edit in order to get your theme up and running in vBulletin.

  • Icon Sets

    Learn how to create custom icon sets for your theme.

  • Finishing a Theme

    Learn how to export and package your theme for use in other forums.

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