vBulletin SEO Training

Duration: 7 hour
Format: Web-based with a live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $550 / person

  • SEO Training

    Learn the basics of SEO and the concept.

  • vBulletin SEO Tuning

    Learn the basics of SEO tuning for a vBulletin forum.

  • Webmaster Accounts Usage

    Learn how to manage your relationship with search engines by making use of webmaster accounts.

  • Google Analytics Usage

    Learn how to manage your Google Analytics account and get the most of it and use it to advance your SEO and business.

  • SEO Monitoring Report Usage

    Learn how to understand your monthly SEO report from SEOvB and how to react and manage your forum base on the report data.

  • SEO Consideration

    Learn how to manage your community and post content in a way that will benefit your search engine rankings.

  • Social Bookmarking

    Learn how to increase your search engine ranking by making use of social media sites.

  • URL Structure

    Learn how your forum’s URL structure affects SEO, as well as how to implement the optimum URL structure for vBulletin.

  • Performance Optimization Technique

    Learn how forum’s performance affects SEO, and how to properly optimize your forum for SEO.

  • SEO Friendly Archive

    Learn how to enable and configure vBulletin’s built-in archive, making it easier for search engines to see your content.

  • Sitemap Control

    Learn how to enable, configure, and generate a sitemap to submit to search engines, giving them guidance on how to best index your content.

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