vBulletin Mod Programming Intermediate Training

Duration: 3 hours
Format: Web-based with a live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $350 / person

  • Prerequisites

    To get the most value out of this class, you should already be familiar with basic HTML, CSS, and MySQL, as well as object oriented PHP. You should know your way around the vBulletin template and plugin systems.

  • vBulletin File & DB Structure

    Learn how vBulletin’s file system and database are organized.

  • The $vbulletin Object

    Learn how to use the master $vbulletin object to make use of native vBulletin code.

  • Input Sanitation

    Learn how to accept and sanitize user input using the vBulletin GPC.

  • vBulletin Database Access

    Learn how to read from and write to the vBulletin database using the $db object.

  • Template Hooks

    Learn how to add HTML to existing vBulletin templates using the template hook system.

  • Beginner Template Syntax

    Learn how to add extra functionality to your vBulletin templates by making use of some basic features in the templating language.

  • Using Phrases

    Learn how to abstract away user interface text by making use of the vBulletin phrase system.

  • Using Settings

    Learn how to add setting panels to vBulletin mods.

  • Including Resources

    Learn how to include external resources in your vBulletin mod.

  • What To Do When You’re Confused

    Learn some easy debugging techniques that you can utilize when your vBulletin code is acting up.

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