vBulletin Mod Programming Advanced Training

Duration: 3 hours
Format: Web-based with a live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $350 / person

  • vBulletin File Flow & Paradigms

    Learn how vBulletin structures it’s objects, functions, and files to generate pages.

  • Hijacking vBulletin Code

    Learn how to save yourself time and effort by leveraging existing vBulletin code

  • Advanced Template Syntax

    Learn how to improve the functionality and extensibility of your templates by making use of more advanced features in the templating language.

  • Caching & Optimization

    Learn how to optimize your mod’s performance by caching data and making use of the vBulletin datastore

  • AdminCP Coding

    Learn how to code advanced administrative panels for your mod.

  • CMS Coding

    Learn how to code widgets and extensions for the vBulletin CMS.

  • Updating Your Mod

    Learn how to iterate on your mod by utilizing the vBulletin mod upgrade system.

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