vBulletin Gaining and Retaining Membership Training

Duration: 4 hours
Format: Web-based with a live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $300 / person

  • Awards & Badges

    Learn how to use awards and badges to reward user contribution on your forum.

  • Hosting Competitions

    Learn how to organize forum competitions to encourage user participation in your community.

  • Credit System

    Learn how to use a paid credit system to give your users additional incentive to contribute to your community.

  • Guest Redirection

    Learn how to use the SEOvB Guest Redirection mod (included in the price of this class) to increase the registration rate of visiting guests.

  • Social Media Utilization

    Learn how to utilize social media to increase the exposure of your forum.

  • Social Media Connection

    Learn how to make registration easier for users by allowing them to register and sign in with their social media accounts.

  • Newsletter System Integration

    Learn how to integrate a newsletter with your forum to maintain user attention and to update your users with your latest news.

  • Added Value Mods

    Learn how to create additional value and functionality for your users by installing popular vBulletin mods.

  • Routines for Administrators & Moderators

    Learn the routines and methods that can be used by administrators and moderators to encourage productive discussion and discourage common community problems

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