vBulletin Basic Admin Training

Duration: 2.5 hours
Format: Web-based with live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $125 / person

  • Navigating The AdminCP

    Learn how to navigate the most commonly used sections of the Admin Control Panel.

  • User Administration

    Learn how to create, edit, ban, delete, and search for users from the AdminCP.

  • Usergroups

    Learn how to divide your users into different groups with different settings and access levels.

  • Themes 101

    Learn how to find, install, and configure custom vBulletin themes.

  • Mods 101

    You can further customize your forum by installing user-created mods. Learn how to find, install, and configure these mods.

  • Advertising

    Learn how to use vBulletin’s built-in advertising system to start monetizing your forum.

  • Installing & Upgrading vBulletin

    Learn how to install vBulletin from scratch and how to upgrade an existing installation to a later version.

  • Basic Maintenance

    Learn how to perform basic maintenance to keep your forum running quickly and smoothly.

  • Managing The CMS

    Learn the basics of managing vBulletin’s CMS, including publishing content, editing layouts, and adding widgets.

  • Navigation Manager

    Learn how to customize the vBulletin navigation bar by adding new links and editing existing links.

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