vBulletin Advanced Admin Training

Duration: 3 hours
Format: Web-based with a live instructor
Exercise: Each student has his/her own vBulletin learning environment
Price: $150 / person

  • Advanced Maintenance

    Learn advanced techniques for keeping your vBulletin forum running smoothly.

  • Subscriptions & Payments

    Learn how to create paid subscriptions, giving users the option to pay and subscribe for additional forum features.

  • Avatar, Post Icons, and Smilies

    Learn how to spice up your forum with images by configuring and customizing avatars, post icons, and smilies.

  • Permissions

    Learn how to set different levels of access for users and forums.

  • Moderator Management

    Learn how to delegate moderation tasks to a team of moderators.

  • Common Options & Settings

    Learn where to find and how to edit the most commonly used options and settings in vBulletin (site title, searches, censorship, etc).

  • Notices / Announcements / FAQ

    Learn how to inform your community and keep them up to date on the latest happenings.

  • Security Best Practices

    Learn how to exercise security best practices to keep your forum safe and secure.

  • Languages & Phrases

    Learn how to customize any text found within vBulletin pages.

  • Statistics & Logs

    Learn to see how your users interact with your forum.

  • Forum Runner

    Learn how to enable the Forum Runner plugin for your forum, giving mobile users the best experience possible.

  • Facebook Connect

    Learn how to set up and configure Facebook Connect, allowing your users to register and login via Facebook.

  • Reputation & Ranks

    Learn how to use the vBulletin reputation system and rank system to make your community more engaging.

  • Calendar and Events

    Learn how to use vBulletin’s calendar page to organize, schedule, and announce events.

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