We provide the following professional vBulletin training classes.

  • vBulletin Basic Usage Training

    An introduction to forums and the fundamentals of forum usage with vBulletin. This class is perfect for those who are brand new to online forums.

  • vBulletin Intermediate Usage Training

    You will learn about the intermediate to advanced features of a vBulletin forum. This class is essential if you want to get the most mileage out of your vBulletin software.

  • vBulletin Basic Admin Training

    An introduction to the basics of vBulletin forum administration. This admin 101 class will equip you with the skills to gain control of your community and carry out most common administration tasks within vBulletin.

  • vBulletin Advanced Admin Training

    After completing this course, you will have all the skills and knowledge you need to fully control your vBulletin forum. In this class, we will teach you how to utilize all of the advanced and hidden features of vBulletin to manage and maintain your community.

  • vBulletin Moderation Training

    As a forum grows, the need for maintenance and care grows with it. This class will introduce you to the world of forum and community moderation, where you will learn the methods and best practices for running and maintaining a healthy forum community.

  • vBulletin Monetizing Training

    Are you a forum owner looking to monetize your forum? In this class, we will share the monetization techniques we’ve gained from our experiences working with hundreds of successful and profitable forums.

  • vBulletin Gaining and Retaining Membership Training

    Do you have a hard time gaining new members or keeping current members engaged? This class will provide you with various methods and best practices for making your forum community more engaging and attractive.

  • vBulletin SEO Training

    We specialize in vBulletin SEO, and now for the first time ever, we’re sharing our SEO knowledge with forum owners. In this class, we’ll teach you all the SEO techniques and processes that we carry out for our clients around the world.

  • vBulletin Mod Programming Intro Training

    Want to get into vBulletin programming but don’t know where to start? In this class, we will teach you about basic vBulletin programming, and you’ll leave with all the knowledge necessary to create your own simple mod.

  • vBulletin Mod Programming Intermediate Training

    Want to get even more into vBulletin programming? In this class, we’ll cover more advanced topics like hooks, database access, and template syntax. You’ll leave with the knowledge necessary to create your own interactive, rich mods.

  • vBulletin Mod Programming Advanced Training

    Want to dive deep into the vBulletin code? This class is for advanced students looking to expand their knowledge of vBulletin, and covers advanced template syntax, performance optimization, CMS coding, and other advanced techniques.

  • vBulletin Theme Design and Programming Training

    Want to know how to design and code vBulletin themes? This class will cover all of the topics and tools you’ll need to create a vBulletin theme. We’ll go all the way from designing the theme in Photoshop to coding and installing the theme in vBulletin.