8 October 2009
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Google does not index the Meta Keyword

Keywords meta tag issues in regard to search engine results have been a growing hot topic in the world of online business. People are often curious, and sometimes quite nervous about how often Google uses “keyword/s” meta tags in its web search rankings. There are sometimes arguments and even issues with people getting angry about one person using another person’s name and such as keywords to draw in hits on web searches. In fact there have been many lawsuits filed for just this reason, where people feel someone has unjustly used a keyword or several keywords that he or she uses in her own keywords. Perhaps Suzie and Bill are in the same industry and drawing from the same customer pool. Both are seeking to draw customer attention to their own website. Then Suzie finds out that Bill has used her business name and some of their best lines in his own keyword field. Does Suzie have a problem? Google says no.

While these things can become hot topics, especially in regards to business and drawing in new customers to one’s website, Google representatives say there is little to no reason for people to get upset about keyword usage when it comes to the ever-popular Good web search. Google now admits that it almost never uses “keywords” meta tag in its web search rankings, unlike some of the other search engines.

Google does use some meta tags for the Google Search Appliance so that people can specify only return results if matches a certain meta tag, but this is not relevant for the main core web search. They simply have found that people have expanded the keywords far too much for the information to be useful. In an effort to draw in web traffic they have actually watered it down so much that most people have a difficult time finding a website that is relevant.

Google does use meta description, however. Often a good meta description tag that is considered useful, it will be used in whole or in part in their own snippet in the search result. Again this is different than keyword meta tag. Google simply feels the keywords field is not helpful in bringing searchers the relevant links and therefore ignores the keywords meta tag.

So when it comes to keywords meta tag and Google search results, there is no need to fret if a competitor or unfriendly neighbour copies a word or two. It will make no difference to how many Google searchers are directed towards your website.

When was the last time that you check your settings?  Or do you even know where do you specify the Meta Keyword and Description?

Admincp => vBulletin Options => General Settings

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