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14 May 2008
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Do I want to use forum or forums for my vBulletin URL?

Its completely personal preference to place your forums in either a forum or forums folder of your site, or some people may even use a sub-domain to house their forums. Even depending on your domain name, you may not even require the folder, as your site is only a forum which sometimes work, and sometimes does not.

When you create your site navigation, its good to try to keep different sections or dates divided up as possible as long as it remains organized and structurally sound it will be a huge SEO benefit. The easy cralwers, crawl your content, the more they like you. So when deciding the age old question will forums or forum be best for me, ask your self “Why use either?”

Guests Don’t Know SEO!

The answer to some maybe, because they think internet users are used to simply seeing /forums or /forum to locate a sites bulletin board. However thats clearly not the case, and you can dramatically improve your sites SEO by placing your forums inside a keyword named directory rather than forums. A good example would be that if I had a SEO powered forum, i’d place the content inside a seoforums folder. You may think it looks stupid, or dumb but who cares when you’re reaping the benefits of free search engine optimization from your guests and members.

Example: http://seovb.com/seoforums
Not: http://seovb.com/forums

You may think we’re crazy, you may disagree with us, however look at a bigger picture. Most users aren’t aware of search engine optimization, how it works, and why things are done a certain way, nor will they really care about the location of your forums as long as its still easy to get to or remember. Guests will not know to use keywords when linking to your forum or pages, this is why keywords in the URL are the key to free SEO!

“But your crazy! Keywords in your URL don’t help!”

You are 100% correct, the actual keywords in your URL probably do not give any benefit what so ever, but revisit our previous observation of your sites visitors not knowing a lick about SEO or how to link to your site.

Now however, that you’ve got your keyword placed into your user powered forums, you’ve gained a huge advantage SEO wise over your competitors. Whenever your guests/members create links to your site because they’ve found your article interesting they will no longer be linking to a dynamic URL, or even a URL that doesn’t contain your targeted keywords, instead the thread/pages keywords will be right there in the URL, when search engine spiders crawl and find the link guess what? The person who has posted that link, just got you a good back link, since it will 8/10 times be on a related site, contain your keywords in the link, and spiders will love it!

I still don’t think thats right! Your crazy!

Hey, don’t take our word for it, take our proven SEO strategy for it. When search engines find links, they generally use the anchor text to se what the page should be about. Now that you have your page keywords in your URL, when that user links to your site, the hard work is done! Whenever you get enough links that contain the anchor links text you’ll start to notice traffic for those keywords. Now when someone visits Google, Yahoo or MSN search engines, your vBulletin powered forums will start to increase their rankings for those words! Brilliant!

I want to see some examples of these keyword rich friendly vBulletin URL’s.

Those are just two examples, as you can see, these are the types of links most users are going to create, and you can now see that they have the keywords in them rather than no keywords or other formats.

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