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1 January 2009
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Difference Between SEO Software and Our SEO Service

Many forum owners have been contacting us lately with a common question. Whats the difference between your SEO Service and the SEO Software available for vBulletin?

The difference is actually huge. Our SEO service is for any website, it doesn’t have to be vBulletin powered, or any type of software in particular, it can be anything as simple as a product information page, or a complexe site with thousands of pages.

Our SEO Service delivers results far beyond that of any buy and go software package. We take many factors into consideration a prepackaged software solution won’t be able to take into consideration, and as the major search engines are constantly changing their methods, why wait for software to release updates that could leave your previous work rendered useless or have to be redone? Why risk the chance of that software company not being around for the next update leaving you stuck with software thats no longer valid!

For example, previously it was thought that having friendly URL’s was a major point in your search engine success, however today this simply isn’t the case and Google has confirmed that SEO Friendly URL’s are no longer of any benefit. Most SEO software packages were built around this feature and used as a major selling point in the past which is no longer the situtation.

Some prepackaged software touts around link conesus or duplicate content removal. While their software will reduce the duplicate content, did you know this can also be achieved with a free robots.txt file thats been approved for your site or software. A robots.txt file (which most software doesn’t include or create) can keep the search engine bots attention to pages that are important.

Its now 2009 and two things stand true for major SEO factors. Content and relevant back links. Another thing that SEO software won’t be able to deliver to your forums. While our SEO service includes original content for your site that will help tell the search engine spiders what your domain is about. Another important factor your sites search engine success is relevant back links. Be extremely wary of any advice or service that is promising directory submissions as these do not count as relevant backlinks 90% of the time. Our SEO Service will start your site with a natural link building campaign by getting you relevant back links from other sites. Our back link building strategy is 100% safe and approved to increase your sites rankings.

Be wary of any company or service that is promising over night results. Search engine optimization is a long steady process that lasts for the life of your site. One small mistake can lead to months of set backs, so we suggest always using a 100% white hat SEO service.

3 responses on “Difference Between SEO Software and Our SEO Service

  1. Mike says:

    I think Its true still human is better then software

  2. simon says:

    Agreed with Mike.

  3. Mark says:

    I have to agree as well. :-)

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